A couple of podcast interviews (me as a guest)

Hi everyone. I recently got the chance to be interviewed on two podcast / youtube shows. They were a ton of fun and I think we actually covered a ton of fun topics that were both technically deep as well as covering entrepreneurship from a tech and open source side of things.

Episode 73 – Talking Python with Michael Kennedy

from the Local Maximum, episode 73

Talk Python To Me host Michael Kennedy discusses a range of issues with Max, including Python’s popularity as a programming language and what we can learn from that, hosting a podcast as part of a business, and how programming skills can fit well with other careers and in our education system.

The Keys To Push Beyond Abundance with Michael Kennedy

on Profitable Python with Ben McNeill

In this episode we talk with Michael Kennedy, the host of Python Bytes and Talk Python to Me. He is the founder of Talk Python training and is a Python Software Foundation fellow. Michael has been working in the developer field for more than 20 years and has spoke at numerous conferences.

Today’s conversation weaves through creating impact with python, entrepreneurial wisdom, strategies for course and content creation, and methodologies to accelerate self learning.

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