Learn Flask and SQLAlchemy with my latest online course

Hi there. I’m excited to announce the availability of my latest online Python web course.

Building data-driven web apps with Flask and SQLAlchemy

This is our most recent course over at Talk Python Training. It’s just under 10 hours of video content along with some demo code to follow along.

Here’s the elevator pitch

One of the areas Python really shines is in building clean and powerful web applications. Once you know the language basics, this course will teach you everything you need to build data-driven, modern web applications in Python with the Flask web framework.

A real-world demo app

Lots of web courses have cheesy or unrealistic web apps they build (if even that!). So with this one, I wanted to build the kernel of any SaaS product for public facing web app. So we will be building pypi.org from scratch using Flask and SQLAlchemy. Then we go further to write unit tests, deploy it to a Linux server and even build out a MongoDB version as well.

What’s this course about and how is it different?

Full stack web development is exactly what you need to build true data-driven web applications in Python. Yet these courses can be confusing and overwhelming due to the many technologies involved (Python, SQL, CSS, etc).

We have taken great care to build a course that is just real enough to give you what you need without anything extra. We build a replica of a popular web application, Python’s own packaging index over at pypi.org.

While building our replica PyPI, you will learn:

  • Learn about the different major Python web frameworks
  • Create a Flask-based website from scratch using the CLI and PyCharm
  • Work with dynamic HTML templates
  • Map URLs to view methods using routing
  • Make advanced use of routing to build a full custom CMS in 8 minutes
  • Take advantage of bootstrap to build well designed sites
  • Map data to and from Python using classes with SQLAlchemy
  • Learn how Alembic can help our database evolve as our models change
  • Accept user input with HTML forms
  • Add client and server-side validation
  • Overcome the special challenges of testing web apps (databases, frameworks, etc)
  • Deploy our web application to a fresh Linux machine (virtual, cloud-based)
  • Leverage our design patterns to convert our app to another data model (MongoDB edition)

Get the early-bird discount

We are offering the course for 20% off for just the first week it’s out. So be sure to check it out now if you’re interested. The price goes back to normal July 10th.

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