I want to take just a moment and celebrate a milestone over at the Talk Python To Me podcast.

We have been growing for over 5 years since we launched. Today we passed a major milestone in the podcast and I’d like to write this post just to share my excitement and to take a moment to appreciate the journey.

Today, Talk Python To Me has had over 20,000,000 downloads. That’s an average of just under 70,000 listeners per episode.

You can see how we fit in the podcast world by checking out the iTunes rankings (broader than just Apple as many players use this data). If you check Chartable (at the time of this writing), we are #37 of all technology podcasts. I kind of hate this category as it’s way too broad. But if you factor out general tech and gaming of the 36 above us, you’ll see we are the #2 developer podcast in the world. Only Wes Bos’s JavaScript show is ahead.


Thank you everyone who has subscribed to the show via their podcast players. If you’re not yet a listener, just search for Talk Python in your favorite podcast app and get weekly episodes for free.

20 million. That’s amazing folks. Let me measure that with a few different metrics. 20,000,000, 1-hour long, 35 MB mp3 downloads is

  • Like spending 8-years worth of time with listeners every week for 5 years or 23 centuries together.
  • Giving 20 PyCon keynotes every week or 5,800 keynotes in total.
  • 684,000 GB of traffic sent out of our modest Ubuntu box.
  • A opportunity to make Talk Python my full time job and focus 100% on building it for you all.

So to everyone who has listened to one or more episodes. Thank you for helping us achieive this fantastic milestone.



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