Is Python right for your team?

Over at Talk Python, we’re doing a fun online event for people exploring Python and whether it’s a fit for their organization or for their team.

Is Python right for your organization? Are you tasked with deciding whether to adopt Python for your project or for your company? Maybe you’re just trying to decide whether Python is the right place to put your energy for your individual career.

In this live 1-hour webcast, you will see a presentation on why Python is such a hot technology at the moment, what it’s really good at, and even when to avoid using Python. It’s open to non-developers and developers alike.

This webcast is a guided discussion and exploration of the Python ecosystem through the lens of your organization and your team. You will see fact-based presentations for the Python developer job space. This will answer questions like, “Is it easy or hard to hire Python developers for a given type of project?” You will see the wide spectrum of Python web frameworks and how to choose the best fit. We will explore some of the tools making Python so popular in the scientific space.

A quick note about time

There is a countdown to going live and a time listed on the page. This will be displayed in your timezone! Just register and click the date/time on the top of the page to add it to your calendar of choice and you’ll be good-to-go.

Help spread the word

Know someone at your company who should attend this? Please forward this blog post or just shared the link with them:

I’m looking forward to seeing you in January.

Hope to see you there!

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