I’m Building 20 Online Python Courses and I need your help

[Update: Check out my Python for Entrepreneurs course running on Kickstarter now]

When I started the Talk Python To Me podcast almost a year ago, I had modest expectations and more than a little uncertainty about how it would be received by the community. And honestly, everyday I’m blown away by how many people’s lives I touch and help educate in some part of Python that was less well known to them.

I get a huge amount of satisfaction spending time making Python more relevant through the conversations on the podcast. I’ve been thinking about how I do more of that.

I believe the natural counterpart of a podcast which exposes people to new ideas and inspires them to learn more about Python is a comprehensive set of online courses to help you go from inspired to empowered, from new developer to highly effective developer, from a specialized developer to a well-rounded one.

Today I’m announcing the first course and taking the first step on a journey to build this resource for you and the whole Python community.

Over the next two years, I plan to release 20 high-quality online courses that will be between 3 to 10 hours each (one course every 4-6 weeks). These no-fluff courses will strive to make you effective with some corner of the Python ecosystem including the python language, web applications, databases, GUIs, parallelism, and more.

The first course will be about the Python programming language and will take a fun and playful approach of teaching you language details such as classes, loops, variables, and more. It’s called Python Jumpstart by Building 10 Applications, it will be about 6 hours long, and will be a comprehensive introduction to the python language.


If this project resonates with you, then I need your help. As of today, I’m launching a kickstarter to make this first course, this first step on my journey, a reality.

Please, take a moment to visit the kickstarter to see what it’s all about. There are many reward levels but main one is the $29 student reward which gives you lifetime access to this first course at a significant discount.

If you believe in this project and want to help, please tweet about the kickstarter, share it with your coworkers, or even back it yourself.

I’m really excited to start down this path to build something amazing for the community and I can’t do it without you. So any support or word-of-mouth endorsements you can give me will be deeply appreciated.

Please let me know you think. Send me a message over email, contact@talkpython.fm or on twitter via @talkpython.

Here’s a short video telling you what the course is about and why I think you’ll love it.



    • Hey Tony,

      Did you watch the video on Kickstarter? Basically, it’s the class is carefully constructed to be have comprehensive coverage of the Python language while not feeling like it. You build 10 simple apps and when you’re done, you know Python pretty much at an intermediate dev level of language knowledge.

      That, plus super high quality, focused ‘no-fluff’ and respecting your time. Etc.

      Here’s an analogy: There are a lot of Python books but people are still writing new ones and they making a new place in the world and making a difference (e.g. Fluent Python, out this year).


      • Michael,
        I did watch the video – but I didn’t really get the sense of how this was different – apologies for that. I hope that your plan meets even 50% of it’s intended goals (in terms of what it teaches people). There are plenty of Python Tutorials out there – and plenty of bad ones.
        Best wishes.

    • As someone who has taken a few Python courses and read many blogs, what makes Michael’s course different is that you actually get to apply the knowledge as you learn, rather than just reading about it and sometimes doing small exercises if the course has even put one together.

      People beg for projects to do so they can learn and understand Python better, and that’s what it looks like Mike wants to deliver! Good on him.

      • Yeah, that is absolute true! I wanted to learn programming but as a beginner I always ended up with too complex project for start, this course looks like to be good and fun approach.

    • If you have ever had Mike as an instructor you would know his ability to connect and convey this kind of subject matter is very good. Same reason there are thousands of developer blogs but there is a big difference between my blog and Scott Hanselmas blog.

    • Hey Tony,

      I think you have a sense of what the course is and but you say you’re not sure how it’s really different. Here’s the feedback (unsolicited) from a couple of students. I could add more:

      Absolutely loving the course. I’m learning so much. Not just Python principles, but your methodology with designing an app. Your lessons in PyCharm have really helped a ton too. I’ve bought so many books and online courses, but nothing has brought it all together like you have. So a big thanks to you Michael.
      — Student

      [This is] by far the best Python course I’ve done to date, clear explanations, good apps that incorporate the concepts of the particular session and a follow up on core concepts. The course is very engaging with a little humor which makes it much easier to dedicate time following along.

      If you are looking for a easy to follow, enjoyable Python course – back the project now, get comfortable and enjoy!
      — Andy T.

      Thanks again,

  • Hi Michael,

    I’m eagerly waiting for the first course. I just decided to learn python and going through LPTHW website. While its good I’m still not confident enough to start working as python dev. Hope your course will change that for me.

    • Hi Ron!

      The class will be Python 3, but 98% of what you learn will be translatable back to Python 2 with virtually no effort.

      I think we’re turning a corner on this Py2 vs Py3 thing. Py2 will literally become unsupported in 4 years (2020).

      Not that I plan on changing it, but curious which you would have preferred.


  • Hi Michael, my goal is to work in software engineering/data science/machine learning, and I think Python is the best language ever. I’m a long-time listener of your podcast and I have a lot of faith your ability to make an excellent course.

    But, what will you be using a platform? Any chance of doing something with edX, Udacity or Coursera? While I value lifelong learning, one thing that is very important to me is the ability to take what I’ve learned and pivot into opportunities which a lot of MOOCs are trying to do with certifications and job placement.

    • Hi Henry,

      I’m most likely going to deliver the course on a dedicate website that I’m starting on. I think I can create a better experience that way. I may some day get the classes on the other platforms but right now no plans.

      If some kind of certificate of completion is important to the students, I’m sure I could do that. Maybe even with some level of verification. No promises there yet.


  • Hello Michael,

    We spoke a while ago and I am so glad to see that you are heading in this direction. This seems to be a logical pathway from where you have taken your insight in your weekly presentations.

    I hope to be able to take part in your curriculum, and also hope to support some of your efforts to promote the knowledge of the Python language and its environments!

    Very Respectfully,
    and still trying to learn it!
    Ralph Millar

  • Your first class sounds very good. I am in the middle of something else right now but will very likely try it out next month.
    Regarding your kickstarter thing – could you explain a bit more? I know the basic concept of kickstarter but I have never done it before.

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