MongoDB Quickstart with Python: A new, free course to teach you MongoDB

Have you been wanting to learn MongoDB or how to work with it from Python? If you’ve been on the fence about taking an online course or have been unhappy with ones you’ve taken before, here’s a great chance to get up to speed with MongoDB in just 2 hours.

Sound interesting? Just visit and sign up today. No strings attached!

What is covered?

There are four major topics covered.

  • Why NoSQL and MongoDB
  • Modeling data in document databases
  • Introducing MongoEngine
  • Building the data layer with MongoEngine

Why use MongoDB?

  • Simplicity: Requires less work to evolve as your app grows.
  • Most wanted: MongoDB is the most wanted database by a factor of 2.
  • Powering the web: A $2 billion dollar ecommerce store and many more
  • Scalable: Built-in sharding and replication using the same API.

Take the course

What are you waiting for? Jump over to visit and get started!

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