Announcing DevelopMentor’s Swift iOS and OS X Course

What a week! Time to announce the second course this week I’ve written for DevelopMentor along with my co-author Bradley Needham.

Essential Swift iOS and OS X Programming Course

If you’re ready to start building iOS and OS X applications with Apple’s latest language, check out our course.

Here’s some more background on this course.

When Apple announced the Swift programming language to cheering crowds at WWDC 2014, we knew it would be important. Swift is destined to replace the aging Objective-C language which was introduced over 32 years ago. Swift is built upon three core principles: safe, modern, and powerful. It fulfills these principles by borrowing the best features from modern languages such as Python, C#, modern C++, and others. While Swift adopts modern high-level language features it also improves upon Objective-C’s native performance and is actually faster than its predecessor.

This course is a deep, practical, and hands-on exploration of the Swift language and surrounding ecosystem. You will learn why Swift was introduced. You will see how Swift is a safe, modern, and powerful language. You will learn how to build iOS (iPhone and iPad) applications as well as native OS X applications using Xcode. All of these lessons will be reinforced with hands-on exercises and many example applications built live during class.

There are cross-platform options for building iOS and OS X applications. However, if you are ready to go all in on the Apple ecosystem you need to learn Swift today. This comprehensive course is a great place to start.

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Introduction to Swift for iOS and OS X
  • Language Basics
  • Types and collections
  • Functions and closures

Day 2

  • Optionals, Optional Chaining, and Generics
  • Classes and Structures
  • Protocols and Extensions
  • Memory management

Day 3

  • Day of iOS

Day 4

  • Day of OS X


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