Attend my sessions at DevWeek 2013 in London

Want to see some of the topics covered in my blog presented live and in-person? Make your way to London in March 2013 to DevWeek! I’ll be presenting 4 sessions covering NoSQL, ASP.NET MVC, and Cloud (Auzre and AWS mostly). Details below.


Building Rich Input Forms in ASP.NET MVC

ASP.NET MVC has gained broad adoption over the last year. This is in part due to it’s clean and simple design. However, one aspect that new-comers typically get hung up on is building pages that accept user input in various manners. In this talk we will explore the powerful features of ASP.NET MVC that allow us to build rich forms that accept user input. We’ll begin by discussing the built-in HTML Helpers and Model Binding. Next we’ll add validation and show how we can do both client- and server-side validation using DataAnnotations. We’ll see that sometimes using domain models as our form-bound objects doesn’t make sense and so we will cover more advanced scenarios using View Models. Finally, time permitting, we’ll see how client-side programming with JavaScript and jQuery can take this even farther.

Applied NoSQL in .NET

Perhaps you’ve heard about the next generation of databases roughly classified as NoSQL databases? These databases are generally much better than RDBMS at scaling, performance, and easy-of-development (i.e. in NoSQL the object-relational impedance mismatch usually disappears). Unfortunately, many talks on NoSQL are very academic and general. Not this one.

In this talk, we’ll explore the NoSQL landscape and look at the the various options out there. Then we’ll learn how to leverage MongoDB (a popular NoSQL DB) to build .NET applications using LINQ as the data access language. From there we will build out a .NET application using LINQ and MongoDB in a series of interactive demos using Visual Studio 2012 and C#.

Getting Serious About The Cloud – For Developers

You’ve been hearing all about “the cloud” for several years now. Maybe now is the time to take the leap and get started developing for this next-generation platform. That’s what this talk is all about. Learn what options you have for cloud hosting (and the related trade-offs). See how to create and host applications in the cloud. And learn about the tricks the pros use to achieve the scalability and durability promised by all the hype.

(At Least) 9 Ways Your Brand New ASP.NET MVC Project Can Be Better

So you’re ready to start that new and ambitious ASP.NET MVC project. Maybe you’re kicking off a new startup or just finally moving that old-and-crusty webforms project into modern development world. Either way, this talk will give you some easy things you can do immediately after creating that new MVC project that you will thank yourself for as your project grows in complexity.


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