Michael is an instructor for DevelopMentor, co-founder of LearningLine (online developer courses from DevelopMentor), a .NET enthusiast, an agile pioneer, an entrepreneur, a father of three girls, a husband, a student, and a teacher.

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DM Logo I’m an instructor at DevelopMentor, where I teach Guerrilla .NET, .NET Design Patterns, and Team Foundation Server among other courses. If you need to get up to speed on anything .NET, check out our website. You can explore related content from my website and blog using the Browse DevelopMentor site.

Websites and Companies I’ve Created


[ChatPast] ChatPast is a company I started in 2010. ChatPast does for chat conversations what gmail has done for email:

All your chat conversations deeply searchable, always available in one place, and backed up in the cloud.

Then we integrated with business application such as Basecamp and Highrise to bring powerful chat features to business users.

.NET Dev Buzz

.NET Dev Buzz.NET Dev Buzz is a .NET community website I created. The goal is to bring you absolutely fresh conversations about .NET and the Microsoft developer community.

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