Land your first Python software development job on Talk Python

I’m looking for a handful of people to put together a unique episode of my podcast Talk Python To Me. Can you help?

There are two groups of people who I’m looking to spend 10 minutes talking with:

  1. Newly hired Python developers: Did you just get your first job as a Python developer (within the past year)? Would you spend 10 minutes on the show (audio) talking about how you learned Python and how software development as well as how you got your first gig?
  2. Technical leaders responsible for hiring Python developers:  Are you responsible for interviewing or hiring Python developers at your company? Would you spend 10 minutes on the show (audio) talking about what you look for and give some recommendations on how aspiring / new developers can build the right skills and experience to land their first job?

What do you say? Can you be part of the show and help a lot of new developers find the right path?

Contact me via the show contact email here:

If this doesn’t describe you, but you know a new developer or tech leader who does, please forward this to them. If you want to participate but are unsure whether your company “approves” of this type of exposure, you can participate anonymously.

This project is expected to run over the last part of November, first part of December 2015.

Thanks in advance!

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