Much of my blog’s sample apps are now on GitHub and Azure

Here is a quick announcement if you have been downloading or using any of the libraries and sample applications from my blog. The most popular ones are now all on GitHub. This means you’re welcome to come and download or fork them! You can even contribute back if you see something useful that is missing.

My new GitHub projects:

Github: text-encoding-aspnet-mvc-by-example
Sample app:

GitHub: web-apps-hotkeys
Sample app:

GitHub: improve-mvc-perf-with-async-views
Sample app:

If you know of something I’ve published and you’d like it on GitHub, just send me a note!

Finally, the keen reader will notice I’ve moved my sample apps to Windows Azure Websites. I’ve been a vocal critic of Azure at times, but Azure Websites are quite nice. You get up to 10 domains for free. They are worth checking out.


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