Series: Python for .NET Developers Introduction

Welcome to my series of blog posts covering Python for .NET developers. In this many-part series, I will introduce you to Python from a .NET developer’s perspective.

As .NET developers, we generally adore C# and the .NET ecosystem. It has brought great productivity, expressiveness, and features to software developers. I believe you will be deeply surprised to see a side-by-side comparison of C# / .NET and Python. Many of the features we think make C# special and unique have parallels in Python (sometimes even improved parallels). Join me in this series as I compare C# / .NET to Python in a feature by feature breakdown.

Each post in the series will be short and to-the-point coverage of a single feature in video format. It may also include downloadable source code.

Series posts

  1. Welcome and lightning-fast Python introduction
  2. Visual Studio and IDEs
  3. A single, common base-type (System.Object in Python)
  4. foreach and IEnumerable (iterators in Python)
  5. Properties
  6. Anonymous types
  7. Lambda expressions and delegates
  8. LINQ (in Python) [coming soon]
  9. NuGET (in Python) [coming soon]
  10. Iterators methods [coming soon]
  11. MVC web frameworks [coming soon]
  12. SQL ORMs and Entity Framework (in Python) [coming soon]
  13. JIT compilation and the CLR (in Python) [coming soon]
  14. GUI applications and visual designers (in Python) [coming soon]
  15. Unit testing and MSTest (in Python) [coming soon]
  16. Attributes and declarative programming (in Python) [coming soon]
  17. Namespaces and using statements (in Python) [coming soon]
  18. dynamic keyword and dynamic programming (in Python) [coming soon]

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