Announcing LearningLine: Instructor-led online training from DevelopMentor

I am very proud to announce an exciting new online learning platform from DevelopMentor:

At DevelopMentor we have been thinking deeply about online training. We wanted to create an environment that combines the best parts of online learning and classroom training, the best parts of self-directed exploration and expert-led mentoring. We believe we have created just such an environment and I am thrilled to publicly announce it today.

Here’s a short 2-minute video which will give you a quick overview. You can get more details at

Online training today

There are many shortcomings in how developers learn online today.

Some developers choose online video libraries. Many of these are well done by highly qualified people. However, software development is a contact sport. We learn by doing, not just watching. Did you happen to watch the (American Football) Superbowl this year? If so, you’re probably more knowledgeable about football. You can have great conversations about football and seem (and feel) connected and current. But can you play football any better because of it? Some things in life are learned through participation – software development is one of them.

Some developers are self-starters and just piece together the knowledge they need. With blogs, YouTube, social media, Channel 9, and a plethora of other sources, motivated and skilled peopled can learn on their own, and many do. This process is definitely hit and miss, and it’s inefficient. You spend a lot of time separating the wheat from the chaff – and there is a lot of chaff out there.

Some developers choose instructor-led classroom training. DevelopMentor has long been known as an industry leader in classroom training. While we think classroom training is great for teams that have the time, schedule, and budget that is an increasingly less common situation for many developers. Online training (of any variety) offers a clear alternative to classroom training and it provides immediate on-demand learning.

World, meet something better

While there are benefits to all the above styles of learning, there are many drawbacks too. In creating LearningLine, we have carefully studied over 30 online learning offerings (both higher education and professional training) and have selected some of the best elements from each. We think the unique blend of the features that we have rolled into LearningLine address many of the shortcomings of online training head-on.

  1.  LearningLine is online, and self-paced. You learn when and what you need. Our dependency engine provides the means to “back up the bus” and allow you to fill in any missing prerequisites or immediately see what you can do just after a given lesson.
  2. Our lessons are comprised of learning activities which come in multiple modalities. Everyone learns in a unique way. This is why LearningLine uses multiple learning modalities including videos, articles, code demos, and exercises.
  3. We learn by doing. LearningLine is not a passive experience. It is intense learning where you write code and submit work at every turn. The harder you work, the more you learn. LearningLine is all about creating developers who can ship software.
  4. LearningLine is instructor supported. With LearningLine, you won’t get stuck. When you submit work, your instructors will review your code and suggest improvements. They will answer any question you have for your class. LearningLine instructors are professional software developers with real-world experience building applications with the technology you are learning right now.
  5. Modern software development is a social activity. Why should learning be different? On LearningLine you can talk with your instructor and other students, see who is ahead of you, and you learn as a team. With LearningLine’s reputation system, you can show your teammates just how smart you are as you compete for the #1 ranking.
  6. LearningLine is built around your team. You have full access to our content, and platform, to create your own custom learning that suits your team and project. You can annotate our content and add your own internal learning material to make learning directly relevant for your team. Your own experts can also be instructors using the same tools we have built for ourselves.

Go forth and learn

I encourage you to check out LearningLine at:

You should also follow us on social media. We’ll be announcing some free classes and subscriptions to celebrate our launch.

Twitter – @LearningLine
YouTube (featuring some  of our content freely available)

Check out our class schedule and pricing options. If you are used to classroom instructor-led classes, I think you’ll be blown away at how affordable instructor-led learning can be.

Do you believe in us?

If you believe that online learning can be more than it is today, and if you believe LearningLine is a step forward, I encourage you to spread the word. Tell your co-workers, tell you boss, talk about us on social media, email a friend and so on.

This is the beginning of a bold adventure. I look forward to sharing it with you all.



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