Handy Web Development Technique

I’m working on a fantastic website that I hope will have significant impact when it’s ready. I’m planning on launching in roughly one month.

I came across what I think is an awesome technique for seeing how your web page will look as you edit it. This is WAY beyond WYSIWIG:

  1. Load the page you’re working on in ALL the browser you care about. I’m using Chrome 4, FireFox 3.6, and IE 8.
  2. If you have the monitor space, cascade these browsers side-by-side.
  3. Add a meta-refresh tag to the header of that HTML file you’re working on (or which consumes the CSS you’re building)
  4. Now here’s the sweet part:Edit the page in Visual Studio, notepad, whatever. When you press save all  Browsers reload their view in a few seconds!
  5. Now you get real WYSIWIG on real browsers.

That’s it. The technique is totally low tech and would have worked for years. But I found it really helpful. Hope you do too.

Be sure to keep watching here. I promise a cool site will be announced soon!


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