Azure Interview on

Rob Barry and Jack Vaughan interviewed me for their article on entitled

Azure cloud on horizon: The devil is in the data architecture details

Here’s a small excerpt. If you’re interested in Windows Azure and Cloud Computing, read on…

Microsoft did a good job when they designed Azure, according to Kennedy. “The company encourages you to build scalable reliable systems by basically making it really hard to do the stuff that makes systems unreliable,” he said.

There are many developers curious about cloud computing, but most are being rather cautious. Directions on Microsoft’s Sanfilippo said he’s talked to more developers that are concerned about building on top of their existing work than re-coding everything to work in the cloud.

“There’s still an education bit that has to happen about what kind of applications are appropriate for Azure. But I think there’s a lot of curiosity about Azure,” Kennedy said.

Still, he continued, “I don’t know many projects that are betting the bank on Azure yet.”

Note: This is a little dated as it was publish in July 2009 – some how I missed the original publication – but it’s still an interesting read.

Thanks Rob and Jack for the article and conversation.

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