Webcast: Building Modern Apps in ASP.NET WebForms

At DevelopMentor we have been running a bunch of free webcasts. Last month it was  TDD and Agile. This month we are running 4 webcasts celebrating the announcements  around .NET 4.0, Visual Studio 2010, and PDC 2009.

Join me Monday, November 23rd and register here:


Note: This event is in the past, but you can watch the recording here:

We’ll talk about integrating ASP.NET’s routing infrastructure into existing an ASP.NET WebForms application. This allows you to build SEO websites with URLs like


while still taking advantage of all the productivity features of WebForms such as post-backs, controls, UpdatePanel, and so on.

We have room for a couple hundred more attendees so please register and be part of the fun. I promise lots of demos and some disdainful comments about PowerPoint!

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ASP.NET MVC: What’s that, you’d rather hear about ASP.NET MVC, not this creaky old WebForms stuff? That’s Brock Allen’s talk: http://bit.ly/intromvc

WF 4: Is WF 4 and visual programming your thing? Check out Maurice de Beijer’s WF 4 talk: http://bit.ly/meetwf4

New Parallel Extensions your thing: Check out Andy Clymer’s PFX talk. (link to follow soon).


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