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You may know that I work for DevelopMentor where I’m an instructor in the .NET curriculum (among other cool things I do there). You probably also know I’m kind of loopy for Twitter as evidenced by my Twitter page and .NET community site driven by Twitter:

Today those two things came together in a big way. Introducing DevelopMentor’s Twitter presence:


I encourage you get out there and follow us! Here you will see all the combined Twitter messages of most of the DevelopMentor instructors as well as a couple of messages from DevelopMentor itself. You’ll get the chance to keep on top of the world as viewed by some of the smartest people I’ve had the chance to work with: the DM instructors! You’ll see which instructor posted any given message with an attribution at the end (either “via @marksm” or ^MS depending on the available space).

I’m excited about this not just because I think it is cool and useful (and has to do with Twitter :) ), but over the last few days I’m the guy who wrote the back-end systems to make this all go. It was a short but fun project. It’s a real testament to .NET that this was mostly written an hour.

After you follow @DevelopMentor_ you might want to interact with some of the instructors directly. Here’s our Twitter accounts in a single place for your reference:

I hope you enjoy the conversations we’re bound to have on Twitter. Come be part of it.

Signed: @mkennedy

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