Gmail New Mail Notifications for Windows 7

[Update: Renamed this tool from Gmailer to Gmail 7 due to pre-exiting product name conflicts]

I’ve been using Windows 7 as my sole operating system since Beta 1 in January. I’m completely loving it and I was pleased to see how many apps worked seamlessly on it. One that didn’t and I really miss is Gmail Notifier. No matter how I try, I always get this:

It’s insane to me that $130B company can’t provide any more than this outdated tool for this job, but I digress…

I’ve looked and looked for a replacement and they are either no longer online, are crappy applications, and so on. Finally I decided to take matters into my own hands. Introducing a clean, simple, unobtrusive, and free Gmail notification application that works on Windows 7Gmail 7:

Gmail 7 simply runs in your tray and plays the Windows new mail sound when mail comes in to your Gmail account.

New Mail:

No New Mail:

That’s pretty unobtrusive right? Your account info is encrypted and stored in your user profile and all network access uses SSL.

Download all 41 KB of Gmail 7 here:
Requires .NET 2.0 (built into Vista and Windows 7)

Just extract the folder to its final resting place and run it – select “Launch at login” if you want that.

It even comes with some cool ways to view your email by double-clicking the tray icon.

Also thanks goes to Ryan Cook for use of his Gmail C# tools as the basis for part of my project.

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