Great Meeting at OCVBUG and OC C# Last Night

Thanks to Reza Madani and Mike Vincent for having me speak at the combined meeting of OC VBUG and OC C# last night. It was a packed house which was wonderful, but I felt bad for folks who had to stand in the back for 2 hours.

The audience participation was great. Thanks to everyone who asked questions or had comments.

You can download the slides and samples from my website here:

Many attendees also noticed the tricked-out Visual Studio I was using during the presentation. That was from CodeRush and Refactor! both highly recommended. You can check those out here:

and DevExpress has some very interesting screen-casts demos here:

Also I was using the new Vista programming font Consolas, which you can download here:

Consolas Font Pack for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

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