Announcing Cache-Tier Python File Server on GitHub

About a month ago I decided to move the audio traffic (MP3’s, etc.) for my podcast Talk Python To Me. I realized that while I had been using Amazon S3 to deliver the files and it was working wonderfully in terms of delivery, it was getting expensive. There are other hosting platforms that will let me spin up a Linux server and deliver the files from that server at a much lower cost. Continue reading

Python Cheat Sheet

In collaboration with DevelopMentor to get the word out about our Python curriculum, I built a simple but fairly comprehensive Python cheat sheet. It’s pretty thorough at 16 pages in length and covers a diverse set of topics including Language, Types, Ecosystem, Databases, File I/O (JSON, XML, Text, etc), and more.

python-cheetshet-download-imagePython Cheat Sheet.pdf

If you find this useful please mention it on Twitter or forward it to a friend.

Want deeper Python training? Check out my over two hours of Python videos on my YouTube channel and consider my DevelopMentor Python courses for classroom training. I’m also the host of the Talk Python To Me Podcast. Be sure to subscribe and listen to some great conversations.

MongoDB Logo

Announcing the 2015 MongoDB Masters

NEW YORK, NY and PALO ALTO, CA – March 10, 2015 – MongoDB today announced the 2015 members of the MongoDB Masters, an annual program run by MongoDB to recognize and empower leaders in the MongoDB community. Comprised of core contributors and community evangelists, the MongoDB Masters are dedicated to sharing their passion and technical expertise with the MongoDB community around the world and play a vital role in the adoption, education and advancement of MongoDB.

** I’m honored to be one of only 35 MongoDB Masters for 2015! **

Read the whole announcement on MongoDB’s blog

10 Myths of Enterprise Python from PayPal

[Update: Listen to my interview with Mahmoud Hashemi from PayPal on this topic on the Talk Python To Me Podcast, Episode #4]

Yesterday I stumbled across an excellent article by Mahmoud Hashemi from the PayPal engineering team entitled 10 Myths of Enterprise Python.

No. Seriously. It’s really good. Make sure you save it to your reading list.

10 Myths of Enterprise Python

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Announcing MongoDB for Python Developers Course

I’m very exited to announce the latest course I’ve written for DevelopMentor:

MongoDB for Python Developers

If you’re looking for MongoDB training for you or your team, please consider DevelopMentor. We also have my MongoDB for .NET developers course if you live in the .NET camp.

Here’s some more background on this course.
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Better Python Integration in Windows: Shebangs and Version Selectors

I’ve written several times on efforts to make Python better on Windows. I also have an outstanding request to the Windows 10 team to get Python built directly into Windows 10 (please upvote it!). In this post, I’ll show you some very simple techniques to put Python on Windows relatively on par with Python on OS X and Linux.

On OS X and Linux, we can use a special kind of comment at the top of our script called a shebang.

#!/usr/bin/env python3
# normal python code here...

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Shipping Python with Windows 10

Python is awesome but Python on Windows always feels like the red-headed step child. With Window 10’s UserVoice campaign, you can help me change that! Let’s start here:

Please vote for this request on UserVoice:

Ship Python 3 and Python 2 with Windows 10

Ubuntu and OS X include the Python runtimes by default. Please Include the 64-bit version of Python 3 and Python 2 with Windows.

I believe many developers choose OS X and Linux over Windows because these OSes are more open source and CLI friendly. You have done a lot of fix the CLI experience in Windows 10. Please make Python development better on Windows by including it out of the box.

Need more inspiration? Watch this video about the future of Python (hint: it involves Windows)