Announcing new podcast: Talk Python To Me

I’m super excited to announce that I just launched a brand new podcast for Python developers called Talk Python To Me. This weekly podcast already has the first episode published and some amazing guests lined up.

tptmVisit the website to learn more:

     Talk Python To Me –

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Python Cheat Sheet

In collaboration with DevelopMentor to get the word out about our Python curriculum, I built a simple but fairly comprehensive Python cheat sheet. It’s pretty thorough at 16 pages in length and covers a diverse set of topics including Language, Types, Ecosystem, Databases, File I/O (JSON, XML, Text, etc), and more.

python-cheetshet-download-imagePython Cheat Sheet.pdf

If you find this useful please mention it on Twitter or forward it to a friend.

Want deeper Python training? Check out my over two hours of Python videos on my YouTube channel and consider my DevelopMentor Python courses for classroom training.

MongoDB Logo

Announcing the 2015 MongoDB Masters

NEW YORK, NY and PALO ALTO, CA – March 10, 2015 – MongoDB today announced the 2015 members of the MongoDB Masters, an annual program run by MongoDB to recognize and empower leaders in the MongoDB community. Comprised of core contributors and community evangelists, the MongoDB Masters are dedicated to sharing their passion and technical expertise with the MongoDB community around the world and play a vital role in the adoption, education and advancement of MongoDB.

** I’m honored to be one of only 35 MongoDB Masters for 2015! **

Read the whole announcement on MongoDB’s blog

Initialization in Modern C++ vs Apple’s Swift

Time for another great guest blog post from Bradley Needham to follow up on his very popular Swift vs. C++ post. Enjoy!

Initialization in Modern C++ vs Apple’s Swift

A little while ago I wrote a short post comparing some of the basic features of Modern C++ and Apple’s Swift. It was far from comprehensive, basically only touching on the constructs mentioned in Michael Kennedy’s post Comparison of Python and Apple’s Swift Programming Language Syntax. However the post did generate enough interest that I decided to continue the comparison by looking at one of the differences I find interesting between the two languages, initialization. Initialization is very important in any language and both C++ and Swift have built in constructs and checks to help make sure that objects get completely initialized before they are used. Continue reading

New course: Announcing The Swift Programming Language from DevelopMentor


I’m really happy to announce the latest course I’ve co-authored at DevelopMentor:

The Swift Programming Language

This course is specifically build to help teams of existing Objective-C developers quickly but thoroughly get up to speed with Swift. Continue reading

Announcing DevelopMentor’s Swift iOS and OS X Course

What a week! Time to announce the second course this week I’ve written for DevelopMentor along with my co-author Bradley Needham.

Essential Swift iOS and OS X Programming Course

If you’re ready to start building iOS and OS X applications with Apple’s latest language, check out our course.

Here’s some more background on this course.

Continue reading