Asynchronous Programming in .NET 4.5 (Video)

Here’s a recording of a webcast I did for DevelopMentor covering .NET 4.5 and .NET 4 asynchrouns programming concepts, including Task<T>, async, and await.


PS – Be sure to watch it in 720p quality.

13 thoughts on “Asynchronous Programming in .NET 4.5 (Video)

    • Hi Michael,
      I downloaded the demo code and I have visual studio 2012 for desktop and web installed and working on my computer. I am unable to run your code. I get a incompatible version message. If I try to use 2010 to open It I get a message saying invalid license data, reinstall is required. Do you know what I need to do? Thanks

  1. I found your webcast to be very informative, but the link to the demo code is broken. Is there somewhere else it can be downloaded?

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