Significant Advances in Unit Testing Windows Workflow

This post describes a unit testing library for testing Windows Workflow Foundations.It is not a framework like HarnessItNUnit, or MsTest. Rather it’s a library that can be used in conjunction with any of these testing frameworks.

Download the library with sample test project here:
(216 KB)

You can also just jump to the code.

First a Little History:

Last September I posted this teaser entitled Unit Testing Coming to a Workflow Near You. My intention was to post this article that you’re reading now shortly thereafter when I got some free time to polish things up. In that previous post, I highlighted what I could determine to be the current state-of-the-art with regard to unit testing workflows, circa September 2008.
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Test Driven Development, Approval Testing, and a Song – Oh Boy!

So my buddies Dan Gilkerson and Llewellyn Falco have been doing some brilliant, ground breaking work on advancing the state of unit testing and TDD with a concept they call Approval Testing.

To highlight the transition from

unit testing -> TDD -> BDD -> Approval Testing

Dan wrote a parody of the song Let It Be.

The Music Video: Let it BBD