Announcing DevelopMentor’s Swift iOS and OS X Course

What a week! Time to announce the second course this week I’ve written for DevelopMentor along with my co-author Bradley Needham.

Essential Swift iOS and OS X Programming Course

If you’re ready to start building iOS and OS X applications with Apple’s latest language, check out our course.

Here’s some more background on this course.

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Announcing MongoDB for Python Developers Course

I’m very exited to announce the latest course I’ve written for DevelopMentor:

MongoDB for Python Developers

If you’re looking for MongoDB training for you or your team, please consider DevelopMentor. We also have my MongoDB for .NET developers course if you live in the .NET camp.

Here’s some more background on this course.
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Python for the .NET Developer on .NET Rocks

[Note: This news is old, I some how missed posting it to my blog. So here it is!]

Show 951:  Python on .NET with Michael Kennedy

Back in February, I had the honor of being the guest on the .NET Rocks podcast with Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell. We talked about the similarities between Python and C# and the Python and .NET ecosystems. It was a great show and I think you’ll find it interesting if you are a .NET or Python developer.

Listen to the whole show at the .NET Rocks page or you can stream the MP3 directly from the .NET Rocks website.

Better Python Integration in Windows: Shebangs and Version Selectors

I’ve written several times on efforts to make Python better on Windows. I also have an outstanding request to the Windows 10 team to get Python built directly into Windows 10 (please upvote it!). In this post, I’ll show you some very simple techniques to put Python on Windows relatively on par with Python on OS X and Linux.

On OS X and Linux, we can use a special kind of comment at the top of our script called a shebang.

#!/usr/bin/env python3
# normal python code here...

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python vs. swift

Comparison of Python and Apple’s Swift Programming Language Syntax

python vs. swiftAs a Python and C# developer, I have been intrigued ever since Apple announced the Swift programming language to cheering crowds at WWDC 2014.

This post will explore the syntax of Python 3 vs Swift. I was inspired by Chris Pietschmann’s post Basic Comparison of C# and Apple Swift Programming Language Syntax for C# and Swift. So here is the Python version.

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