Announcing Cache-Tier Python File Server on GitHub

About a month ago I decided to move the audio traffic (MP3’s, etc.) for my podcast Talk Python To Me. I realized that while I had been using Amazon S3 to deliver the files and it was working wonderfully in terms of delivery, it was getting expensive. There are other hosting platforms that will let me spin up a Linux server and deliver the files from that server at a much lower cost. Continue reading

Come Learn Python and Be Part of Talk Python To Me!

Are you interested in learning Python? Well, my buddies from San Diego: Scott Reed, Brad Cunningham, and Ike Ellis from Crafting Bytes just started the Python edition of their Technology Immersion Group (SDTIG). And Talk Python To Me is going to be part of it!

Listen to the opening interview before the show comes out right here:

You might be thinking, but I don’t live in San Diego! Don’t worry, they have you covered! Every session over the next 6 months are being streamed live from the Crafting Bytes YouTube channel:

After the six months diving into Python, I’ll put out a before and after podcast episode that follows them through the whole journey. The first one is already in the past, but here’s the video! The next session is coming soon. Put it on your calendar: 4th Wednesday of every month at 5:45pm.

Video from first session:

Hope you join the party. Become a member of their group on


A look inside Netflix’s cloud systems: Python at Netflix

netflixThis week I released an excellent interview with Roy Rapoport from Netflix about the amazing ways Python is being used at Netflix. Listen in:

Talk Python To Me – Episode #16 Python at Netflix

In case you missed them, there have been a ton of other amazing Python shows. Check them out:

New Podcast Episode: Python and MongoDB

I recorded a session with Jesse Davis from MongoDB on Talk Python To Me. I think the show came out great. You should check it out!

Episode #2: Python and MongoDB with Jesse DavisIn this show we speak with Jesse Davis from MongoDB. Jesse is the maintainer for a number of popular open-source projects including the Python MongoDB driver known as PyMongo and Mongo C (for C/C++ developers, yes you read right! C developers). Jesse discusses how interesting it is to write both Python and C code and how it reawakens part of the brain.

You’ll learn a little about MongoDB, how it compares to RDBMSes as well as other NoSQL data stores.

Join Michael and Jesse for these great topics and much more!

Announcing new podcast: Talk Python To Me

I’m super excited to announce that I just launched a brand new podcast for Python developers called Talk Python To Me. This weekly podcast already has the first episode published and some amazing guests lined up.

tptmVisit the website to learn more:

     Talk Python To Me –

Subscribe to the Podcast via the iTunes feed, become a friend of the show and follow us on twitter as well!